"Our comfort at working on the cutting edge of technology means that no job is too difficult. We are determined to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide our customers with world class products."

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Plastic Injection Molding by Nyloncraft, Inc.

An injection molding company, Nyloncraft believes in innovative applications of tooling, technology, and materials to provide solutions to your most challenging engineering problems in injection molding, gas assist molding, multi-material molding, plastic injection compression molding and plastic overmolding.

The ideal program for Nyloncraft is one that has never been undertaken in plastic. We are constantly searching for the newest technologies and capabilities to deliver plastic and injection molding solutions to our valued partners.

These injection molding technologies currently include:
Injection compression molding - low pressure molding using coining or compression to mold a stress free, thin wall part.
Multi-shot and overmolding - the use of multiple materials within the same mold to achieve hard/soft or color combinations.
Gas assist molding and gas counter pressure molding - the use of high pressure nitrogen to achieve hollow or 'foamed' internal geometry.
Foam-in-place gasketing - Robotic application of seals and adhesives to the parts after molding.
Patented vacuum boost technology and extensive experience in leak and flow performance testing.

Injection Molders

Nyloncraft specializes in injection molding technologies... but we deliver so much more for our customers:
Stability - Nyloncraft is a 50+ year old company.
A wide breadth of press sizes - Our 88-3,000 ton press range can produce parts from the size of a button to the front end of a car.
Large Manufacturing Space - Over 300,000 square feet of state of the art TS/ISO certified manufacturing space.
Industry Leading Quality Performance - Near flawless quality record with 0 ppm delivery and <10 ppm quality defect rate.
Contract Manufacturing - We have EDI, ASN, and virtual plant capability for contract manufacturing.
Experience - Our extensive program management experience will guide your project to success.
Precision - Our precision molding capabilities include gear molding and tolerances to .001"
Complete Solutions - We offer in house mold-flow, testing, & FEA capability.

Learn More About Injection Molding

Find out more about NYLONCRAFT and our injection molding capabilities. Download our technical bulletins or watch our video of the Rocker Cell Manufacturing Process.

Company Info / Technical Bulletins:

Improve Braking Performance with Vacuum Aspirators ~ download (1.29Mb, zipped pdf file)
Multi-Shot Molding: Reduce costs, increase design flexibility ~ download (1.55Mb, zipped pdf file)
Exterior Ornamentation: Mold In Color and Painted Exterior Trim ~ download (2.35Mb, zipped pdf file)
Injection Compression: Steel and Structural Replacement ~ download (11.4Mb, zipped pdf file)
Interior Trim Components ~ download (11.7Mb, zipped pdf file)
Precision and Functional Components ~ download (5.24Mb, zipped pdf file)
Rocker Cell Video ~ view (23.24Mb, mpeg file - requires Windows Media Player or MPEG player)

We are a Professional Injection Molding Company

Take the time to browse our site and we are sure that you will be convinced that a partnership with Nyloncraft for your injection molding needs is in your best interest. Our comfort at working on the cutting edge of technology means that no job is too difficult. We are determined to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide our customers with world class injection molded products. Please contact us with your next challenge.

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Insert Molding . Injection Compression Molding . Vacuum Boost & Fuel Modules
Plastics & Metal to Plastic . Interior Trim
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