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Gas Assist Molding

Gas Assist Molding (also written Gas-Assist Molding) is a challenging molding technique, requiring specialized expertise to provide quality finished products. This innovative technique is proving to be the molding process of choice for numerous industries including medical, automotive, appliance/tv manufacturing and gas assist injection molding is even used seasonal items like plastic lawn chairs.

The Gas Assist Molding Process

Like traditional plastic injection molding, the gas assist molding process begins with the injection of resin or plastic into a mold. At this point, the process of gas assist mold differentiates itself as a gas (usually nitrogen) is injected into the mold, hence the gas assist label.

The injected gas causes part of the plastic to be displaced and simultaneously assists in spreading the molten plastic throughout the mold. The displacement results in light-weight, thin-walled, hollow components that cool rapidly and enjoy a relatively low cost per part.

Gas Assist Molding - Medical Railing
Medical Railing Created with Gas Assist Molding

Benefits of Gas Assist Injection Molding

Using gas assist molding allows engineers to develop thin-walled components. It also is ideal for creating thick but hollow portions to thin-walled products. Because the component can be injected with low tonnage clamping pressures, the thin walls of the part remain in-tact and stable with gas assist molding.

The overall result of gas assist molding? More complex parts, faster cooling times, reduced cycle time and most importantly, reduced cost compared to traditional molding processes.

Gas Assist Section- Medical Industry
Medical Equipment Created with Gas Assist Molding

Gas Assist Molding Opportunities

Ideally suited for numerous industries and challenges, gas assist molding is an optimium solution for components that are tube or rod shaped with a hollow center, parts that are structural such as panels and covers, and parts that contain both thin and thick sections.

Gas Assist Molding Experience

Gas assist molding requires expertise well beyond traditional injection molding. Shouldn't you trust your next gas assist molding project to veterans in the field like Nyloncraft instead of taking a chance on the inexperienced? Contact Us right now to get started.