Injection Compression Molding
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Injection Compression Molding

Injection compression molding
of long-glass fiber resins allows
   for replacement of steel structures
   and glass mat lay-up processes
   at a fraction of the cost.

Injection Compression Molding
   Typical Applications:
    Auto door modules carriers
    Auto front end modules
    Frame components
    Seat components

Benefits of Injection Compression Molding

Injection Compression Molding
   Benefits Include:
    Design features typical of an
       injection molded part design,
       including attachment and wire
       routing features
    A part with virtually no molded in
       stresses. This process is well
       suited for large flat parts or
       parts requiring a downstream
       heat cycle.
    Faster molding cycle
    Tonnage requirements cut by as
       much as 50%
    Ability to two-shot or apply a
       foam in place sealing system

About Injection Compression Molding

Injection Compression Molding is the process of injecting molten resin (plastic) into a mold, then forming the injected resin by clamping the mold closed with compression. This process provides uniform distribution of the resin, yields extreme accuracy in level of detail on surfaces and provides additional stability (strength) for the finished product.

When a component contains inserts or decorative adornments, injection compression molding is the process of choice. Because injection compression molding is done at relatively low pressure settings, these components aren't damaged or displaced as with traditional molding techniques.

Commonly used for manufacturing CD's, DVD's and other optical media as well as insulating components, injection compression molding reduces stress on the component during production, allowing more fragile or light-weight components to be formed.

Other areas where injection compression molding excels are the production of thin-walled parts, long-glass fiber components, optical (lens) applications, and production of parts exposed to heat cycles. Injection compression molding is the optimum production process for all these component types and more.

Experienced Injection Compression Molders

Nyloncraft's inventive and extensive experience with difficult injection compression projects is second to none. Our program management experience, full range of injection molding presses and state of the art 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space are available to solve your next injection molding challenge.

Plasma, corona, or flame treatment of door module during
the injection compression molding process