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Multi-Shot Molding

The process of multi-shot molding (also referred to as 2-Shot Molding) utilizes the injection of different materials into different locations on the same mold. In multi-shot molding, at least two shots (hence the 2-shot or Two-Shot Molding labels) are injected into the mold vs. a single injection native to traditional injection molding techniques.

Interestingly, in multi-shot molding, the mold may be moved, rotated or changed in some other way between the multi-shot injections to the mold.

Multi-Shot Molding Highlights

Multiple materials shot in the same      injection molding cycle
Process physically bonds the    different resins
Multi-Shot Molding Advantages
    Cost effective due to the        elimination of a process
    Improved craftsmanship (clean        and smooth transition of        materials)
    Improved durability over two        piece designs
    Complexity reduction by        integrating seals
    Mold-in-color elastomers are        commercially available
    High gloss or textured seals        available for styling

1500 & 1700 Multi-Shot Molding Presses

Multi-Shot Injection Molding Benefits

Producing multi-material components for vacuum cleaners to appliance parts to multi-color cell phone cases and even automotive components is easily suited to multi-shot molding. The multi-shot molding technique has been closely guarded in North America, but is a proven, reliable process and has a long track record of success.

Multi-Shot Molding processes are well-suited for both cosmetic and functional needs. By over-molding component features such as multiple colors, manufacturers are able to enhance their product appeal while reducing the steps involved in the process. Injecting handles, hinges or other movable parts into the mold allows enhanced function, even allowing incompatible materials to be used in the same component, all thanks to injection compression molding.

By allowing manufacturers to add multiple colors, combine incompatible materials, apply soft touch layers over rigid components and combine detailed components, all while eliminating processing steps, multi-shot molding or 2-shot molding is one of the hottest molding technologies today.

Get the level of detail, multiple color selection and use the materials you prefer, while reducing production time and complexity with multi-shot molding. Allowing you a wide range of design possibilities and providing faster processing times, two shot molding (multi-shot molding) is the process of choice for today's competitive environment.

Multi-Shot Molding Professionals

Our seasoned professionals are ready to solve your next multi-shot molding challenge. Contact Us right now to find out how you can save time, money and add flexibility to your injection molding project.