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Plastic Overmolding

Molded in separate operations, plastic over-molding chemically bonds the different resins, as in window reveal moldings, threaded inserts, and soft-grip materials for pens, tool handles, kitchen utensils and more.

By combining plastic with another material such as rubber, plastic overmolding produces a completed part with multiple material components. The overmolding material can form an insert to the plastic part or can provide cushioning, grip or other decorative or functional attributes.

Plastic Overmolding Advantages

Numerous advantages are enjoyed when using plastic overmolding. Because the plastic overmolding process allows the introduction of adhesive (where required), it eliminates a bonding step in the manufacturing process, reducing cost and time to project completion.

Plastic overmolding also allows for more combinations of materials for your finished part, as these materials are bonded together during the plastic overmolding process.

Do you need to mold complex geometric shapes, shapes with a combination of thick and thin sections, or components with undercuts? Plastic overmolding is the solution! The advanced process of plastic overmolding allows these previously unattainable goals to be reached rapidly, with high tolerances and quality levels.

Plastic Overmolding ComponentPlastic Overmolding in Action
Plastic Overmolding Components

Plastic Over-molding Manufacturing Cell
Plastic Over-molding Manufacturing Cell

Multi-Shot / Over Molding Opportunities

Plastic overmolding or multi-shot molding processes are ideal for projects such as leaf screen cowls, seals and close-outs, steering column gap trim & close-out, trunk scuff latch trim & close-out, roof ditch molding and seat trim close-out.

Components created with plastic overshot manufacturing

Plastic overmolding process filling an automobile cowling

Plastic Overmolding Professionals

Our experiences plastic overmolding professionals are ready to accept your challenge. Contact Us right now to learn about more benefits of working with us for your plastic overmolding needs.