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Vacuum Boost

A vacuum boost system enhances braking, fuel and other systems by boosting vacuum pressure within those systems. Nyloncraft's patented design combines a vacuum booster (aspirator) and a brake booster check valve which improves system packaging and boosts engine vacuum.

Vacuum Boost / Vacuum Aspirator

Positioned between the engine intake manifold and the power brake system of a vehicle, NYLONCRAFT'S Vacuum Aspirator provides a boosted vacuum level to the power brake system and improves brake performance.

Vacuum Boost Uses

Vacuum boost systems compensate for engines that produce low vacuum levels, loss of vacuum due to high altitude, initial green engine conditions, initial brake pad break-in and limited room under the hood for large brake boosters.

Vacuum Boost and Fuel Distribution Systems
Vacuum Boost and Fuel Distribution Systems

Benefits of Vacuum Boost

By utilizing a vaccum boost system, you'll eliminate the need for a brake booster check valve. Further, using a vacum boost allows for a smaller brake booster to be used. You'll save money and space under the hood while maintaining critical systems performance by using a vacuum booster.

Vacuum Boost Systems
Vacuum Boost Systems Save Money and Space

Vacuum Boost Technology Leaders

NYLONCRAFT is a leader in vacuum boost technologies and our patented design is proven to boost vacuum levels and improve system packaging. Contact Us right now to begin enjoying the benefits of working with the vacuum boost professionals at NYLONCRAFT.